Letter to the Editor

Early Voting

Dear Editor:

I wanted to share some information with you on the upcoming Election.  We still have time left for “early voting”.  Please share with your family, friends and co-workers. The Mayor has allowed the front door to be open for voting only. Handicap voters can use the Johnson St entrance.    Citizens can safely come in and vote, and exit right back out the front entrance.  They will not be allowed to go anywhere else in the Hall.  Anyone who needs to do business will be directed to the Johnson Street entrance to “sign in”.   We are doing our own contract tracing for voters only. 

 Early voting will be held during our regular business hours.   Please help spread the word.  This week we had 3,240 who early voted! 

 Be kind, be well, stay safe,

  Janet L. Rowe  

City Clerk-Election Chief

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