Galleries at Lynn Arts Will Reopen on April 2

GALA’s (Galleries at LynnArts) will be reopening April 2, with two exhibits on display: Minimalist Art and Abstract Art.  

Art is meant to invoke feelings, challenge the viewer, to start a conversion, or beautify a space.  Abstract and minimalist art  takes the purposes of art and condenses them to their purest forms.  Non-representational art does not try to create any realistic likeness of objects or people. It can be expressive or static, simplistic in its creation or it can have complex layering. Minimalism is a further development of abstract art and tries to greatly simplify the shapes and forms that are used.  The basic forms are often geometric shapes like lines, rectangles and circles. Repetition is often used in the creation of these works.

GALA asked artists to create works that speak to an abstract or a minimalist aesthetic.  Artists have used the visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition that creates a mood without the need to represent reality.

“We are very excited to explore non-representational art with our artists and guests,” says Annette Syke, GALA president and gallery director.  “This past year has effected everyone in a myriad of ways. People are nervous, dealing with loss, gaining a voice and a power, trying to figure out what the world is like now, and what getting back to normal actually means.  It only seemed fitting to encourage our artists to explore intangible concepts in their art.”

Letterpress artist Mitch Ahern will be installing a two-sided 8 foot abstract letterpress monoprint on fabric, which will move with the airflow in GALA’s main gallery. The images themselves are moire patterns formed from red and blue dots. It is interesting to view it from the street level, from a distance within the gallery, from a few inches away and then with the 3D glasses that are provided to experience it from yet another perspective -the effect is sublime. Further illustrating the various perspectives of this piece, Greg Kowalski, a friend of Ahern, who does live interactive abstract mapped video projection, will collaborate with Ahern for an evening’s performance, date to be announced at the press preview. These two friends have collaborated many times and the creative energy in their dialogue is palpable.

GALA will be open to the public starting on April 2, please find current hours posted on social media and on the GALA website.  The show will also be available online so those not in the area can still enjoy the works.

For more information, please visit

Press may contact Annette Sykes at 617-909-9211 or [email protected].  We will be hosting a media sneak peek on Monday March 29, at 3:30.  Any media unable to attend at that time is asked to contact Annette Sykes for a special viewing. GALA is located at 25 Exchange St, Lynn, MA 01901.

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