Satterwhite Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Lynn

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Following is Michael Satterwhite’s announcement of his candidacy for Mayor of Lynn:

Attorney Michael A. Satterwhite has announced his run for Mayor of Lynn. Michael is a native of Lynn and has served on the School Committee for the past four years. From East Lynn to West Lynn, from Curwin Circle to the Highlands, from Lynnfield Street to Union Street, he has been there for it all the last three decades.

Michael Satterwhite.

Michael grew up in the Lynn Public Schools system, going to seven different schools in our City. He has gone from renter to homeowner in our City. He has gone from employee to business owner in our City. From the Black Picnic’s roasted pig to St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage, he has celebrated all over our City. From working his first job at McDonald’s to becoming a Lawyer, he has grown in our City. From growing up watching the Lynn Park Softball Women’s League to enjoying the Softball tournaments at the Dominican Festival.

Michael’s history has been here in Lynn. Struggling alongside you, educating alongside you. Michael has always been your ally, he has always been your neighbor, he has always been your friend, your classmate and fellow citizen. Now he wants to represent you. Be your voice, be our voice.

Embracing multiculturalism is a step in the right direction for every citizen. However, leading a City as diverse as Lynn, requires a leader who has lived in it and experienced it. His purpose here is to connect with our Community, doing so honestly, frequently and transparently.

Michael said “I have the background, knowledge and experience with:

• Working to strengthen our safe, happy and healthy families with affordable housing, improving public safety and establishing community programs;

• Working to strengthen our day care and after school programs;

• Working to strengthen our business community;

• Working to strengthen our youth with opportunities and our public education system with equitable funding;

• Working to strengthen our seniors with access throughout our city and to affordable housing units;

• Working to strengthen the health and wellness of our community;

• Working to enhance our arts and cultural communities;

• Working to improve our homelessness and food insecurity problems;

• Working to improve our race relation problems through diversity and inclusion within our city government and school systems.

I will work for you. It sounds simple, but that truly is the first requirement of any elected position.”

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