Cataldo Ambulance Service Donates Bus to Lynn’s Elder Services

The Lynn City Council voted to accept a donation of a shuttle bus to the City of Lynn from Cataldo Ambulance Service, Inc. The shuttle bus will provide transportation services to Lynn’s senior population going to and from the anticipated senior center.

Dennis Cataldo is the Vice President of Cataldo Ambulance Service, Inc., a family-owned business, which was founded by both of his parents. This prominent business has been providing emergent and non-emergent transportation and support throughout the communities of Greater Boston and North Shore area for over 45 years.  “We are happy to support the seniors of Lynn by donating this much needed shuttle bus,” said Cataldo. “Mayor Nicholson is passionate about the new senior center and we know how important transportation is for so many that are active there. This is a wonderful community resource”.

The donation of the vans by Mr. Cataldo were the result of a conversation with Lynn’s Director of Elder Services, Chris Gomez-Farewell, about the ongoing accessibility issue that has negatively impacted seniors. The lack of handicap-accessible vans has been a continuous obstacle in getting seniors around the City. The COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated isolation amongst seniors, leaving them unable to make use of many utilities or services that help minimize the negative physical or social effects of senior living.

“Due to the chip shortage and the pandemic, handicap-accessible buses and vans have been extremely hard to come by,” said Gomez-Farewell. “Everywhere we inquired about these buses, there would be a year and a half wait, so this donation will help a great deal with transportation access for Lynn’s seniors who wish to attend the senior center. I would like to thank Mr. Cataldo, Cataldo Ambulance and Atlantic Ambulance for this awesome gift as it will fill a huge need”.

The goal for the vans is to be utilized for various activities, such as providing transportation to seniors to attend local events, activities, medical appointments, retail needs, and even out-of-town events planned by the senior center.

“I want to thank Chris Gomez-Farewell for all his hard work and dedication to the seniors,” said Councilor Dianna Chakoutis. “I think this is a great opportunity for the seniors to have buses donated. I am looking forward to the opening of the senior center and seeing all of Chris’ plans that he has to bring”.

“On behalf of the senior residents of Lynn, I want to express my gratitude to Cataldo Ambulance Service who have been an excellent community partner for the City,” said Mayor Jared Nicholson. “This outstanding act of generosity will truly connect Lynn’s residents with a sense of community through social gatherings and events. Thank you to Dennis Cataldo for this wonderful donation and also to Chris Gomez-Farewell for his commitment to the City of Lynn.”

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