Federal Funding Approved for Lynnway Project

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and MBTA are pleased to announce that more than $20 million in funding has been approved for the Lynnway Multimodal Corridor Project by the United States Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) FY 2022 Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant Program.

 The federal funding for the Lynnway Multimodal Corridor Project will help to reverse inequities along a critical transportation corridor in the City of Lynn.  For decades, the Lynnway has focused on moving vehicles through the corridor, often to the detriment of other modes of travel. The current design of the corridor disincentivizes trips by foot, bike, or transit, and this project will alleviate serious safety concerns for those who need to travel along this road using these modes.

The Lynnway Multimodal Corridor Project will help to continue the City of Lynn’s commitment to economic development and improved mobility along the Route 1A corridor. This project will do so by creating a high quality, separated two-way bicycle path, improving on the pedestrian infrastructure by reconstructing sidewalks to ensure they are ADA compliant, and increasing bus reliability by adding bus lanes to the corridor. These improvements, which are subject to a public stakeholder engagement process, will help to alleviate congestion by improving intersections and overall roadway safety.

“Funding from USDOT’s RAISE Grant Program will allow the Commonwealth to start public outreach and input, leading to the design and construction of the Lynnway Multimodal Corridor Project and we appreciate the support by the congressional delegation and local officials in getting our RAISE application approved,” said Transportation Secretary and CEO Jamey Tesler.  “The Lynnway Multimodal Corridor project is a high-quality bus, bicycle, and pedestrian improvement project along one of the City of Lynn’s most important corridors; one that for decades has prioritized the movement of vehicles rather than moving people efficiently and equitably.”

The Lynnway Multimodal Corridor is the first phase of a proposed transit corridor connecting the MBTA bus and commuter rail Central Square-Lynn Station in Lynn to the northern terminus of the Blue Line. The project is also a key component of the MBTA’s Bus Network Redesign, which will bring more frequent all-day service to key corridors throughout the Boston area. USDOT funded a similar bus rapid transit project on the Blue Hill Avenue corridor in Boston in the FY 2021 round of the RAISE Grant Program, and MassDOT and the MBTA will take steps to replicate the success and benefits of that partnership via funding for this critical project in Lynn.

The Lynnway is part of Route 1A and runs between the Revere city line in the south to the Nahant Rotary to the north, where it becomes Lynn Shore Drive. The Lynnway serves as Lynn’s primary north-south connection within, to, and from the city.

Several months ago, MassDOT announced the submission of three federal grant applications to USDOT to seek funding from the RAISE Grant Program.  In addition to seeking funding for the Lynnway Multimodal Corridor Project, applications were submitted to create a pedestrian and bicycle connection over the Mystic River between Somerville and Everett and to improve the safety and security of passenger rail in the Knowledge Corridor (a corridor encompassing 49.5 miles between Northfield and Springfield).

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