The primary results

Lynn voters should be ashamed of themselves, considering only 14 percent of 41,000 registered voters came out to cast a ballot last week.

This vote proves that people were largely disinterested in the primary.

It also showed that Lynn voters could be motivated for a candidate in a special type situation, which was the case with Councillor-at-Large Judith Flanagan Kennedy, who topped Mayor Clancy by 200 votes in a sticker campaign.

So even though the vote was relatively low, it wasn’t low for Flanagan Kennedy, who pulled off a palace coup, so to speak.

The primary, however, isn’t the election – and the election is sure to be a barn burner.

Clancy is destined to call out his forces in order to stifle the threat posed by Flanagan Kennedy in the primary.

The November election is a different situation from the primary.

Clancy’s vote will be organized and will come out in November. His base far outdistances Flanagan Kennedy’s.

However, the caveat here is that his base must come out or he won’t win.

As for Flanagan Kennedy, it is very likely she has shot her load, like a cannon emptied of its gunpowder and cannonball.

Winning a primary isn’t winning the election – and she knows this, too.

The primary results were extraordinary.

It makes some of us very happy not to be in politics.

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