Lynn Community Health Center – Eye Care Services opens

The Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC) opened its eye care services center last week.

An anonymous donor and start-up funding from Partners Health Care totaling $400,000 made the opening possible.

For Lori Abrams Berry, the indomitable executive director of the LCHC, this was a day when a dream came true.

The ribbon cutting at the 23 Central Avenue site on the fifth floor, attracted a large crowd of the city’s caregivers and of those involved with preventive medicine.

The opening of the new Eye Care Services center is a great moment in the city’s medical history.

We urge all residents interested in their eyesight to visit the new center.

1 comment for “Lynn Community Health Center – Eye Care Services opens

  1. Hilarious415
    September 15, 2011 at 2:34 am

    Worst calling, making and cancelling appointment service ever..The doctors are great but the receptionist seems to be lousy and slacking on her job. While trying to make an appointment by phone on an opening day, no one seems to pick up so one day i might as well go and make an appointment in person and on the day of my appointment the phone rings constantly and the receptionist doesn’t bother picking up no wonder why it always goes to the voice mail. Even i have received feedback from my friends and they have encountered the same accusations she is working there for a reason how come every one calls but no one picks up and seeing it in person she is not doing her job…Hire someone who actually does the job correctly!!!

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