The primary results

Lynn voters should be ashamed of themselves, considering only 14 percent of 41,000 registered voters came out to cast a ballot last week.

This vote proves that people were largely disinterested in the primary.

It also showed that Lynn voters could be motivated for a candidate in a special type situation, which was the case with Councillor-at-Large Judith Flanagan Kennedy, who topped Mayor Clancy by 200 votes in a sticker campaign.

So even though the vote was relatively low, it wasn’t low for Flanagan Kennedy, who pulled off a palace coup, so to speak.

The primary, however, isn’t the election – and the election is sure to be a barn burner.

Clancy is destined to call out his forces in order to stifle the threat posed by Flanagan Kennedy in the primary.

The November election is a different situation from the primary.

Clancy’s vote will be organized and will come out in November. His base far outdistances Flanagan Kennedy’s.

However, the caveat here is that his base must come out or he won’t win.

As for Flanagan Kennedy, it is very likely she has shot her load, like a cannon emptied of its gunpowder and cannonball.

Winning a primary isn’t winning the election – and she knows this, too.

The primary results were extraordinary.

It makes some of us very happy not to be in politics.

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  1. methuenman
    October 3, 2009 at 10:44 am

    My fellow bloggers,

    Since the papers and the media won’t cover this story, I feel that somebody needs
    to let everybody know what is happening to Massachusetts

    The child support system is encouraging custodial parents to limit the other parent’s access to children, Because of recent changes, the less contact that the child support payer has, the more child support he or she has to pay. that’s been the norm since 1992

    Lawyers direct custodial parents to isolate the children from the non-custodial parent so as to increase the property settlement, and this increase their fees as the children become the hostages held for ransom; settlement and child maintenance, and kept from seeing the father they need in their lives.

    It’s to late for me, but if you protect yourself, you could help save alot of children, All I ask is that anyone reading this, Look into it, you will be surprise, I promise you.

    Missing files, orders being made with out you being in court, Threats, Jail, lose of drivers license, lost of your kids, Extortion, all of this is happening in our family and probate court in Lawrence, Salem, Canton, and I’m willing to bet in every court around the state Mass.

    In more than 90 percent of custody cases, women are ordered to have the primary relationship with the child. These same women are “awarded” child support payments equal to 20 percent of the dad’s income. Oh, yeah, they get to have the tax deduction as well.

    Did I mention the dad pays taxes on his child support before he sends it. And the mom gets the money tax free.

    This is not about man vs woman, It’s about what’s in the best inters ed of the children. It’s about due process, Equal protection, and what, one will do to protect what he believes is his right to protect what’s in his child’s best inters ed.

    If 50/50 shared custody was the norm, the incentive to divorce would be removed and more marriages would be saved. And even if a couple were to divorce, children would benefit from having equal access to both parents.

    5 years ago we the voters passed a share parting bill with 86% of the votes, Where is it ? For 5 years they have sat on this bill and have refuse to release it for a full floor vote, the people holding this bill up, are the same lawyers who sit on the Judiciary committee, (Smell conflict) I do.
    ask Cynthia Creem vice chair, then ask the Ethics commission what they think, You will get nothing, The voters, Parents, and Children of this state
    means nothing to them, Ask them you’ll be surprise what you will hear.

    Anyone victim of the Family Probate Court system, Please contact me at
    Methuen Community Television at (978) 689-8627 leave message for
    Hector Montalvo Volunteer producer and Host

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