Eventful first week in office for Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy

The inauguration of the 2010 Lynn City Government last Monday night was followed by a busy first week in office for Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy.

The 57th mayor of Lynn and its first woman mayor was sworn in historic fashion at city hall by Mary Lou Muirhead, an associate justice of the Boston Housing Court.

During her first week in office, she conducted numerous meetings and settled in to her mayoral office suite.

Chief among the many meetings held last week was a face to face with all the city’s department heads – which was followed by individual meetings with a number of them to discuss city business.

The mayor was disappointed to find that her city hall office had been cleaned out by her predecessor former Mayor Chip Clancy.

Her claims that important city papers had gone missing brought her major publicity in the Boston newspapers.

She has apparently asked state officials to determine whether or not Clancy broke any laws by taking his papers and files with him.

With the mayor’s new team in place, a new era dawned on Lynn politics and city hall administrative life.

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