The stench on the Lynnway

The horrific odor wafting in the air along the Lynnway from close to Walmart to just beyond the bowling alleys is an insult to everyone living in this city and calling the place our home.

It is more than that.

It is an embarrassment, a reminder to all those transiting along the Lynnway that the city stinks.

This summer, the stench is the worst it has ever been.

People traveling with open windows in the automobiles along the Lynnway hold their noses or feel like vomiting, so badly does it stink.

It is a horrific stench. A deep, sickening, filthy, stinking toilet type stench that says to all – this is Lynn you’re passing through. What a city this is. It stinks like a thousand open dumpsters with putrifying filth in them.

We find it incomprehensible that substantial Lynnway businesspeople haven’t warned city hall of law suits if the stench is not mitigated.

How, we wonder, do people shop in such a stinking environment?

Everyone in a position of responsibility knows exactly where the stench comes from.

The water treatment plant.

Yet no one seems to care enough in this city to issue and edict ordering the stench to be mitigated.

With a sweep of her pen, the mayor could close down the treatment plant until the stench is mitigated as the stench represents a public health hazard when so many feel like vomiting when breathing it in.

Mainly, however, it is the willingness, the acceptance, the absolute disinterest in the stink that both amazes and frustrates those of us who travel along the Lynnway on our way home from work or on our way into Boston.

How can so many living in this city accept for so long a stench so foul that it smells like death everywhere?

This is our city.

Doesn’t anyone in a position of public responsibility care?

Or is this what most Lynners have to come to think of their city – and so the expectation is that the stink on the Lynnway is just another inconvenience we have to learn to live with?

If that’s the case, everyone with any pride left ought to move out.

If any community ever smelled like the Lynnway does the authorities would make sure such a stench was dealt with and rectified.

A city trying to maintain its reputation cannot stink the way Lynn does.

Its pathetic.

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