Who is placing pipe bombs on the Lynn-Swampscott line?

Lynn and Swampscott police are baffled over three recent incidents involving pipe bombs and propane tanks on the Lynn-Swampscott line.

According to police, there is an apparent connection between all three incidents – which have caused police and area residents living on Collins Street.

Police believe the bomb maker is targeting victims.

However police are without a suspect one week into the drama.

None of the bombs has gone off.

State Police bomb squad experts detonated the pipe bombs, which would have caused damage and fire had they gone off.

“These are the actions of a very dangerous person,” said noted forensic psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow.

“This is not your average arsonist,” he said.

Ablow said police must assume this is somebody who wants to kill people and that their number one job is to apprehend this person.

“I would be very surprised if the pipe bomber is female. However, whomever is making these devices is not unsophisticated. It is someone who is smart, as creating these devices takes some intelligence,” Ablow added.

He said the police should make special efforts to question carefully and fully all those involved with the pipe bombs and where they were found.

“They must look especially at those people,” he said.

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