The Lynn Auditorium is the place to be

With a succession of great acts gracing the stage of the Lynn Memorial Auditorium recently including even the great tenor Julio Iglesias, who will be appearing there soon, has given rise to the auditorium as a happening place for real time, real life entertainment.

Under the stewardship of Jamie Marsh, the auditorium has become one of the great reasons to come to Lynn.

To the eternally jaundiced who believe Lynn’s downtown will never come alive again, the rejuvenated stage inside the city hall tells another story.

We have heard numerous accounts from people who have attended recent shows and who enjoyed them immensely and who were greatly intrigued that such a show could take place in Lynn.

What would happen if those thousands of people came out from the show to cafes and restaurants and during the summer months take a walk in the downtown on a balmy evening?

The jaundiced laugh at a such a thought – but something like that could become a reality if the success the stage inside the auditorium is garnering were allowed to grow off-stage.

Growth begets growth.

One good thing leads to another.

That is how it is done.

Some attention should be paid as to how Lynn can capitalize on its great stage.

How can Lynn make further use of it to help transform the downtown from dead and empty at the center to vibrant and alive.

Is anyone listenting?

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