The Patriots

January 18, 2011

The utter and complete failure of the Patriots Sunday against the Jets has thrown the region into a state of wonder and despair.

The wonder comes from having expected a certain victory.

The despair arises from the stunning nature of the defeat.

Bottom line, the Pats didn’t come to play and the Jets did.

Bottom line, it was just another football game that might have gone the Patriot’s way but didn’t.

Bottom line, the Jets played to win the Patriots, well, we’re not exactly sure what they were doing.

The Patriots never seemed in a rush.

They did what they did as though it didn’t really matter.

In the end, the Jets came away with the prize.

The Patriots came away with nothing.

Our short term future has been dramatically changed.

For some of us, it means we won’t watch another down of NFL Football this season.

Without the Patriots in contention, who cares?

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