Lynn’s Miles Soars with Deep Sea Parachute

Deep Sea Parachute has been together for about a year, but they’re starting to acquire a following for their alternative indie, progressive rock sound

The five musicians played another successful gig before an appreciative crowd Friday night at Copperfield’s in Boston. The band is developing a loyal fan base.

The Lynn connection in the group is 25-year-old guitarist/vocalist Bob Miles, son of John and Nancy Miles.

The members of the Deep Sea Parachute band, from left, Evan Antone, Bob Miles, James M. Galloway, Ryan Bennett, and Brian Warren, pictured Friday night at Copperfield’s in Boston.

Miles started playing the piano in the eighth grade. He took guitar lessons from Lynn firefighter Jay Uva, a member of the band, Revolver, in his sophomore year. His sister, Jessica, a teacher at Lynn Classical, is a classical pianist. His brother, Nathan, plays the drums and has performed in bands.

Miles, bass guitarist James Galloway, and guitarist/vocalist Evan Antone have been playing music together since their days as high school students at Essex Agricultural Institute, graduating in 2004. “Evan is an incredible songwriter and lyricist as well,” said Miles. “James is a phenomenal guitar player.”

Miles has earned the respect from his fellow band members including keyboardist Ryan Bennett and drummer Brian Warren.

Bob is the heart and soul of group,” said Bennett. “Sometimes when we’re not up, he makes us laugh and have a good time.”

Bob Miles graduated in 2008 from the University of Maine in Orono where he studied surveying engineering technology. He currently works as a surveyor at Nitsch Engineering, Boston.

Miles said he enjoys his time rehearsing and performing with the band. “Our goal is to enjoy the music and play as much as we can and hope that people that come to our shows enjoy our sound,” said Miles. “For us, it’s about having fun. Music is my true passion. There’s nothing better than playing music in front of people and having fun. And I want to thank all of our friends and family who come out to all our shows and support us.”

Galloway said the group has several shows under its belt and is recording a CD.

“Our goals as a band are to finish our recordings and tour around and get this going,” said Galloway. “We’re in studio right now finishing up our first EP consisting of five songs.”

A lover of jazz music, Galloway said the best quality of the band is “that we mesh well together. We all understand the ideas of dynamics and we give each other room to play.”

Antone said the band has a lot of camaraderie and togetherness.

“I love writing music for these guys,” said Antone, who grew up in a family of musicians. “Three of us have been friends since high school. We’re having fun doing this. We’ve performed in Salem and Beverly and Boston and we’re trying to branch out.”

Bennett, who grew up in Lawrence with Galloway, said the band has been working hard during its recording sessions. “On one song, we just put in 17 hours and we’re putting our heart and soul into it to make it work,” said Bennett.

Warren is the newest addition to the group. He met Bob Miles’s aunt, Cecilia Thompson, the nation’s foremost Sarah Palin impersonator, at a toastmasters’ club meeting, and she introduced the drummer/percussionist to her nephew.

“It’s an outstanding group of young men in this band,” said Warren, a graduate of Stonehill College and a student at Northeastern University. “My bandmates are talented, smart, and funny. I just joined the band six months ago but they’ve been together and they have a good sound.”

Warren is dividing his non-work activities between the band and his other favorite pastime, ice hockey. “I played hockey up until high school and then I got more serious about the drums – but now I’m back into hockey in a big way.”

People can contact the band for personal appearances at  [email protected]

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