The Oil Problem and Everything That Goes Along Goes with It

The recent precipitous rise for the cost of home heating oil should cause Lynn officials who care about the plight of the poor and the middle class to tremble.

The thousands of poverty stricken and working poor living in this city and heating with oil have been made destitute by the soaring prices coupled with the long and cold winter.

Also, middle-class Lynn residents have been cleaned out of extra cash heating their homes this winter. A standard 200 gallon oil tank now costs somewhere in the region of $740 to fill.

Many homeowners need at least one fill per month to get through a New England winter.

Owners of larger properties need at least one and a half to two fills per month.

Business owners heating with oil have also found their bottom lines disappearing because of oil’s high price.

Gasoline for our automobiles is soaring as well.

With regular at the $3.38 per gallon range this week means that everyone driving an automobile is paying a lot more than they did this time last year to fill up.

The upward spiral is seemingly endless and yet not a word of protest is heard.

Nothing whatsoever is done to alleviate the situation.

What this points to again is the need for this nation to ends it dependence on foreign oil.

It can be done. It should be done.

But no one has the spine to do it.

How high would the price for oil and gasoline have to go before the nation rose up to do something about it?

We’re not sure. But we’re heading in that direction.

Gaining energy independence would take sacrifice and there doesn’t seem to be the stomach for sacrifice among the people of this nation at this time.

In Wisconsin, government employees there don’t care that the state is broke and cannot pay them. They are more concerned about collective bargaining – as if collective bargaining will pay the state’s bills and their salaries at the same time.

In Lynn, the working poor and the middle class have their backs to the wall with the situation, which is growing out of bounds.

Unless something is done to alleviate the situation, what is already bad will be growing much worse.

There is really no end in sight.

This doesn’t bode well for our community, for our state or for the nation.

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