Goods news at GE

March 30, 2011

It comes as great news to Lynn residents working for General Electric now that GE has received a $247 million engine contract that secures employment at the River Works plant for another two years.

In the post recession economic world we are living in today, two more years at full employment at GE in Lynn is a major miracle.

The Navy and Boeing have done the right thing by deciding to build 68 F414 engines that will be installed into 34 F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets based on aircraft carriers and now being used in the Libyan operation.

Everyone in business in this city should rejoice at this bit of great news.

GE is important to this city in every way.

Now the real work is to get down to the business of lining up more contracts so the 2013 deadline gets pushed up to 2015 – and wouldn’t that be great for Lynn.

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