Ocean Street Home Undergoes Makeover

About three months ago, three enterprising real estate people – and two who grew up in Lynn – bought a dilapidated home in the better part of town near the beach for short money, put their heads together, and with a half dozen trades people, remade the home into a two condominium property.

The home will be featured on A& E’s new “Flip this House” Show.

One of the two condominiums has already been sold in the $250,000 range.

The second is sure to go.

And they are both lovely in every way.

The photograph included in this feature showing the upstairs unit – the kitchen – is fabulous space well done.

The first floor unit is of the same genre – polished oak floors, open space, modern kitchens, rich looking and efficient and bathrooms that are all new with everything in the house new from the basement to the second floor.

Three real estate guys who know what they’re doing are, from left to right: Developer Peter Souhleris, the money man George Kousos and the guy with the muscle, Dave Seymour. In about three months, they completely turned around an Ocean Street property that will be featured on A&E’s new “Flip this House” Show.

If you have the chance, check out the home.

And watch for the television show.

What a nice touch this newly rehabbed home brings to the Diamond District.

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