Clancy Tournament will Continue in 2012

We are pleased to announce that after a meeting between Edward ‘Chip’ Clancy, Frank Carey, Gary Molea, Jeff Newhall and Bill Devin, that the Clancy Tournament will continue for many years to come on Memorial Day weekend at Fraser Field. Following are some of the adjustments made to the tournament with some other details to be finalized at another meeting in November:

• The four teams will still be St. Mary’s, North Reading, Lynn English, and Lynn Classical

• The tournament will still be called the “Clancy” Tournament in memory of Nipper and for all the work that Jim and Chip Clancy and family have put into making the past 30 years of Clancy Tournament action a great experience for all student-athletes involved.

• The administration of the tournament will be handled by the three Lynn athletic directors, with the first rotation being Bill Devin, Lynn Classical (2012), Jeff Newhall, St. Mary’s (2013) and Gary Molea, Lynn English (2014).

• The rotation of match-ups will stay the same, meaning the 2012 tournament will feature North Reading vs. St. Mary’s and Lynn English vs. Lynn Classical in the opening rounds.

• The tournament will move to a Friday/Sunday format, meaning that Friday, May 25th would be the opening round and Sunday, May 27th would be the consolation and championship rounds. The tournament would take place with a 4:00 and 7:00 double-header each night.

Jeff Newhall, Gary Molea and Bill Devin

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