Down the Beach

Here we are, now into October, and the weather remains unusually warm and balmy.

Yet Lynn/Nahant Beach Reservation remains unbelievably empty – and if you want it to walk on or to wind surf or to just do nothing but sit down and to think – you’ve got it to yourself.

After Labor Day, as all of us who grew-up in this area can attest to, the beach is deserted as though it doesn’t exist for human habitation of any kind.

Even when there is an extended period of warm weather following Labor Day, the beach remains deserted and will remain virtually that way until Memorial Day weekend 2012.

Last weekend, at low tide, the beach was a glorious as it has ever been in a lifetime.

There was a warm breeze, miles of hard gray sand on the low tide and here and there, the lucky ones, those who partake of the feast when no one is there.

Even this respite from the coming cold will be gone – and it will be gone just like that – with the snap of a finger when the first hint of serious cold causes all of us to shudder and to wonder when we have to turn on the heat in our homes.

That day is rushing toward us.

That day will be here shortly.

So enjoy the weather while you can.

For everything about it is changing right now.

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