The Lady and the Birds

Most of us like birds and smaller animals in general. Many of us have dogs and cats or fish or even guinea pigs and snakes.

Most of us like old ladies who like to feed the birds. We also like people who feed animals in general during the winter months when food can be hard to find for animals living outdoors.

None of us likes the excrement that animals leave because we tend to step in it and it stinks. The more animals there are being fed outside in one place, the greater the amount of animal residue.

Such is the case at Flax Pond with the geese which Claire, the Bird Lady, Butcher has been feeding. If you are a Flax Pond aficionado then you know the lovely grass where the geese like to dump has become a geese-dumping ground. This is not a pleasant sight and there’s tons of the stuff all over the place ruining the generally pristine nature of the area. Now comes the matter of arraigning Butcher in court. How exactly do you arraign an 80 year old, very decent Lynn woman for feeding geese? The woman is facing 30 days in jail and a $300 fine if she is found guilty of a city ordinance that prohibits her from feeding waterfowl.

Obviously, the city can’t be in the position of prosecuting 80-year-old residents whose greatest crime is feeding geese at Flax Pond.

This type of thing gives the city a black eye.

What is the solution? The city needs to get the geese out of the Flax Pond area and then Butcher won’t have them there to feed anymore.

It’s as easy as that – and no one has to go to court.

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