The City Meet Was a Great Success

What a great extravaganza happened Saturday at Lynn Tech High School as swimmers from Lynn’s three public high schools competed in the 43rd annual Lynn City Meet.

More than 100 competitors fought for winning positions and bragging rights in this proud city with hundreds of parents and alumni cheering them on.

Coaches Brad Tilley of Tech, Denise Silva of Classical and Michelle Trahant of English high schools deserve a lot of credit for guiding these student athletes in a sport that takes tremendous dedication and commitment toward improving one’s skills.

To see the spirit displayed by these athletes shows the camaraderie they share.

Swimming is also a productive activity for your health and these athletes are learning the importance of physical fitness through these swimming programs.

We must also congratulate Lynn Tech on their victory in the meet.

We understand that Coach Tilley may be retiring at the end of the next season.

Here is a man who has meant so much to this city’s school children and specifically to the Lynn Tech swimming program. He’s a great guy, an outstanding mentor and we hope he will reconsider his decision to step down as he has much more to give our student athletes.

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