Guy Moley Plans Fundraiser to Honor the Memory of His Mother

Guy Moley, Brenda Moley, alexis Comeau, and Jodi Comeau are planning an april 26 fundraiser in memory of irene Comeau to benefit cancer research. The event will be held on April 26 at the Dockside Restaurant in Malden.

When Irene Comeau lost her battle to esophageal cancer in 2008 at the age of 61, her son, Guy Moley, decided that he wanted to do something significant to honor her life.

Moley planned his first Mom’s Cancer Fighting Angels fundraiser in conjunction with the American Cancer Society’s Relay to Life, an overnight walk that will take place this year on July 1-2 at Red Rock Park on Lynn Beach.

This year, Moley and his team will also return to the Dockside Restaurant in Malden on April 26 (6-9 p.m.) for an evening of fun, musical entertainment, contests, and prizes. Last year’s event drew a capacity crowd. Proceeds will go to cancer research.

The musical headliner at the Dockside event will be Joey B-Bop and his talented six-year-old son, Cameron, who wowed the crowd last year with his performance of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley tunes. Jerry Caruso, a graduate of St. Mary’s High School, will be the comedic act.

Moley, 43, said he and his sister, Jodi, are dedicating the event to their mother, Irene, and their father, Alfred, who died in 2007 due to kidney failure.

“We’re excited about our fundraiser,” said Moley. “It’s a great cause and we hope someday there will be a cure for cancer. We just feel it’s a great way to remember our parents and honor them.”

A Class of 1987 graduate of Saugus High, Moley has been a resident of Lynn for 15 years. He welcomes Lynn residents to join the family at the Dockside.

Moley praised the organizers of the Relay for Life event. “Janet Rowe does a fantastic job. It’s been held for ten years and it’s well organized. People remember their loved ones with the lighting of candles and it’s really something to see.”

Guy’s wife, Brenda Moley, and friend, John Melanson, are also assisting the fundraising effort. Melanson is honoring the memory of his mother, Patricia, and his wife, Barbara, through his participation in the fundraiser and the Relay for Life.

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