Gang Activity Drops

Police Chief Kevin Coppinger has noted, and quite rightly, that gang activity in the city of Lynn has dropped substantially.

Those of us who live here and who are proud to call this place our home are pleased to learn of the drop-off in gang activity. It is recently noticeable especially because there has been a definite downturn in the number of violent events from day to day, week to week and month to month.

At one point several years ago, gang activity was rising and intense and it seemed to be everywhere all the time. The reputation of the city was suffering. Danger seemed to lurk everywhere.

That’s when the city came together and fought the outrageous gang activity led by the police department, by social action groups and by the city’s school system. All this outreach added up to a big victory

Today, gang membership has been dramatically cut.

Gangs aren’t gone but their numbers have been substantially reduced and with great results.

While it is impossible to take a gang census, police believe at its height that gang membership numbered 1000. Today, police estimate that number is closer to 300.

Fewer gang members means fewer gang fights which means less gun play.

In other words, the city has quieted down substantially from the 2008 high water mark of the gang era.

We applaud the efforts of the Lynn Police Department – and its anti-gang unit – and everyone else in this city who stood up against gang infestation.

Working in consortium to get the city back in control was what it took.

Lynn is a better place today for all those combined efforts.

Lynn remains a community united against crime…and especially gangs.

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