Tierney is Grateful for Lynn Vote

Congressman John Tierney received a tremendous welcome upon his arrival at the Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association’s Neighborfest Friday night at Tatiana’s Restaurant.

Tierney said he was grateful to the voters in Lynn for helping him get re-elected to the seat he has held for 16 years. Tierney received 21,631 votes in the city, far outdistancing opponent Richard Tisei’s total of 8,122.

“We’re here with the people that brought it home for us,” said Tierney. “Lynn is  a great city and we had  a great turnout and we love working with folks that really respect government and government really respects the things that they do.

“In the end it was a case of making sure that we had our values represented in Washington and I’m proud to be the person they selected,” said Tierney.

As Tierney entered the restaurant, he was greeted by spontaneous applause and approached by several people offering congratulatory handshakes.

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