DiMaiti Will Step Down as Principal at St. Mary’s: Will Be Special Assistant to the Head of School

St. Mary’s High School principal Carl DiMaiti will step down as principal at the end of the current school year on and begin in a new role on July 1 as special assistant to Head of School Grace Cotter Regan.

DiMaiti will be overseeing the St. Mary’s Scholars Scholars’ Program for incoming ninth graders, working in the enrollment department and assisting institutional advancement.

DiMaiti has been principal for the past 14 years, heading the outstanding advancements the school has made in academics and athletics. St. Mary’s graduates attend the top colleges in the nation while its athletic program annually produces winning teams at all levels. The Spartans have won state titles in girls hockey, boys basketball, and girls basketball the past three years.

“I think the school has come a long way and although I played a part in it the prime mover was our former pastor, the Rev. Paul Garrity, and our board of trustees,” said DiMaiti. “They got the construction program going to build the new Connell Center. At first they were a school board in an advisory position and they really shepherded the change from a parish school to an independent Catholic school.”

DiMaiti said St. Mary’s students receive an outstanding education and are put in a position to compete for spots at the nation’s elite colleges and universities.

“We send our best students to the best schools and I think that’s our tribute to not only to the faculty but to our guidance department.”

DiMaiti said the board of trustees has made excellent choices for its Head of School positions, citing the leadership of Dr. Ray Bastarache, who retired last June, and Regan, the current head of school.

DiMaiti also lauded the school’s athletic program led by director of athletics and girls basketball coach Jeffrey Newhall.

“We have an unbelievable coaching staff and we’ve had great leadership in our athletic directors, ” said DiMaiti. “When you have people like Colleen Newbury, Frank Pagliuca, Matt Durgin, Derek Dana, and Mark Lee, it’s very attractive for students to want to come here and participate in the athletic program.”

DiMaiti is looking forward to his new role at the school.

“For all private schools these are challenging times in terms of enrollment,” said DiMaiti. “I think my familiarity with the school, my time here, and the fact that I chose St. Mary’s as a place to send me own children (Drew and Carol DiMaiti are juniors at St. Mary’s) speaks volumes on my faith in the school.”

He said he will miss being the principal but added that the time commitment can be immense.

“As a principal the time commitment is truly incredible and I really value the time I get to spend with my own children as they enter their senior year,” said DiMaiti.

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