English Valedictorian Jake Meagher Admitted to Harvard College

Lynn English Vice Principal Jennifer Mancaniello and Principal Thomas Strangie congratulate senior Jake Meagher on his admission to Harvard College.

Lynn English Vice Principal Jennifer Mancaniello and Principal Thomas Strangie congratulate senior Jake Meagher on his admission to Harvard College.

Jake Meagher, the top-ranked student in the Lynn English High School Class of 2013, has been accepted to Harvard College in Cambridge.

Meagher learned of his acceptance to the nation’s most prestigious university while returning from a preseason trip to Cape Cod with the Lynn English baseball team.

“I received a phone message from an unknown number and it was a student admissions representative from Harvard who was congratulating me on my acceptance,” said Meagher. “That was the first time that I heard the news. I played the voicemail for all my teammates and they gave me high-fives and handshakes. So my team knew about it before my parents did.”

Meagher said he is leaning toward attending Harvard. He is also considering a full tuition scholarship opportunity to Boston University.

English Principal Thomas Strangie and Vice Principal Jennifer Mancaniello both offered their congratulations to Meagher at the school Monday.

“Jake is an outstanding student and example for our school,” said Strangie. “He works hard. He’s a very smart, very bright young man who prioritizes properly. He’s a gentleman in every way, shape, and form. We couldn’t be more proud of him. He deserves this honor.”

Mancaniello said she knows the Meagher family very well, noting that Jake displayed his academic potential at a young age.

“Jake is a wonderful young man,” said Mancaniello. “He is a bright student who attended Little Theatre Kindergarten and was reading at three years old – therefore we knew he was destined for greatness. We at English are very proud of his achievements.”

Meagher also showed his academic excellence at Lynn Woods Elementary School. “I was writing stories when I was in the first grade,” he recalled.

He continued his education at Pickering Middle School before enrolling at English for his freshman year. He has found English to be a perfect fit for his academic and athletic pursuits.

“I feel the teachers really look out for their students and want them to excel and succeed,” said Meagher. “There is a great learning environment at the school. I’ve met a lot of friends who will be staying in my life forever.”

Meagher said his Honors English and AP English teacher, Loretta Christoforo, who also serves as adviser to the school newspaper and the National Honor Society, has been particularly outstanding in enhancing his academic and extracurricular experience. Meagher is the editor of the school newspaper, The Voice, and president of the National Honor Society.

Another teacher who has been quite influential in his development is Michael Haddad, who teaches Latin. Meagher has taken three of his courses.

“I give him all the credit in the world because we are all new to Latin when we enter his class so he has to take a completely new subject and teach it from scratch,” said Meagher. “He could be a college professor. We’re lucky to have him teaching at English.”

Meagher said the study of Latin has improved his vocabulary through his understanding of the Latin roots of words.

He also credited the school administration for motivating students to reach for their highest potential.

“Mr. Strangie has been great all four years,” said Meagher. “We’ve built a strong relationship. He wrote one of my recommendations for the BU scholarship that I have received (Strangie is a BU alumnus). My guidance counselor, Mr. Kevin Benecke, is a Harvard alumnus so I have people from both sides.”

Meagher said he will likely select Mathematics as his major in college. He also may join the staff of The Crimson, the Harvard student newspaper.

He said he is grateful for the support he has received from his parents, Jim and Lee, who both work in the field of radiology. He has two sisters, Melissa, who attends Pickering, and Maddison, who attends the Lynn Wood School.

Meagher said he was happy for his former soccer teammate, Lynn Classical senior Phillip Chea, who has also been admitted to Harvard College, Class of 2017.

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