The Race for Mayor Begins

Lynn residents and those who enjoy a good old-fashioned political race for office will enjoy the campaign season ahead leading up to the elections this fall.

Of course, the main event in this city is the mayoral contest matching incumbent Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and City Council President Timothy Phelan.

The mayor said at the opening of her campaign headquarters Sunday that she will be running on her record of many accomplishments over the past four years. She will soon be distributing a campaign leaflet highlighting 101 positive things that are happening in Lynn right now as a product of her fine leadership.

Phelan, in what was a superb speech, noted some of his numerous accomplishments in office at his campaign kickoff reception and talked about his future plans for making a Lynn a better city than it is today.

Lynn is fortunate to have two outstanding  candidates with solid records who will be bringing their respective messages to the voters. We believe that these two candidates will inspire Lynn residents to get involved in the electoral process, whether it be attending the debates or becoming a volunteer for the respective campaigns.

There are other intriguing races in Lynn as well. There are a number of candidates running for the councilor-at-large, ward council, and school committee positions. The Ward 1 race matching incumbent City Councilor Wayne Lozzi and candidate Deb Plunkett is already a barnburner and generating much conversation in that section of our city.

Lynn has always been a city that loves its politics and turns out in high numbers at the polls on Election Day.

It should be a hot summer – political wise – and an exciting fall.

Good luck to all the candidates and thank you for wanting to help Lynn become the best city it can be.

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