Congratulations, LynnCAM on the Great Debate

It’s not an easy task to host a political debate, let alone one with so much at stake and so much community wide interest – and on live television, no less.

But LynnCAM and its executive director Cassi Vitali pulled it off masterfully with its live broadcast of the mayoral debate featuring Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and City Council President Tim Phelan.

Both candidates superbly articulated their messages and defended their positions well, affirming that Lynn has two outstanding candidates to select from on the ballot in the primary on Sept. 17 and the final election on Nov. 5.

The three moderators, Cassi Vitali, former Mayor Albert DiVirglio, and Magnolia Contreras led a spirited debate with their fine questions that brought out the best in the two candidates.

This debate was a first-class, professional operation and we thank Cassi and her entire crew at LynnCAM for a job well done.

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