Chakoutis Will Support Cahill for Council Presidency: Councilor-at-large Is Deserving of the Promotion

Ward 5 Councilor-elect Dianna Chakoutis said she will vote for Councilor-at-Large Daniel Cahill for president of the Lynn City Council.

Chakoutis told the Lynn Journal that she will cast her vote for Cahill when the new council convenes for its first meeting in January. Chakoutis’s vote all but clinches Cahill’s election to the leadership position. Cahill has garnered support from fellow councilors who were re-elected in November along with Council-at-Large-elect Brenda Crighton, the current Ward 5 councilor.

“I am voting for Dan Cahill and I believe it gives him the votes he needs to be the next council president,” said Chakoutis. “I just think he’ll work very well with the Mayor [Judith Flanagan Kennedy].”

Chakoutis added that Cahill has the experience and ability to handle the key position and that he will move the council forward.

“I agree with Dan Cahill on a lot of the issues and with his philosophy about how to best continue to move the city in a positive direction,” said Chakoutis. “Dan has demonstrated a real commitment and understanding of the issues of Ward 5 residents and he will do the best job for residents throughout the city as well.”

Cahill has been an outstanding councilor and a highly respected voice for residents citywide. His strong second-place finish in the November election is indicative of the high esteem in which he is held in this city.

We agree with Dianna Chakoutis that Daniel Cahill is deserving of the high honor of being president of the Lynn City Council and that he will be effective leader of this esteemed body.

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