It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Though the weather forecast may say otherwise, us sports fans know that Spring has officially sprung. This time of the year is arguably the greatest season for sports. Even the sports that aren’t even being played right now have non-stop action. In honor of the spirit of the season here is my Top 5 list of things to look forward to in the wide world of sports this spring. In no particular order, they are as follows:

5. March Madness

My bracket is so busted, but it’s hard to complain when the basketball has been this good.If the first couple of rounds of the tournament have shown us anything it is that the best is  yet to come. The upsets; the nail-biters; Duke losing in the first round. Every single game is must see TV. There’s even more incentive this year for Celtics fans because some of these kids playing could be in green next season. A lot of the talented names like Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins have already been bounced out of the tournament, but keep your eyes out for some new names to emerge.

4. NFL Free Agency/Draft

Patriots’ fans rejoiced at the signing of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. For once we can say we have a solid secondary; can you believe it? Julian Edelman is back and Gronk is healthy, and we have a deeper receiving corps with the addition. So far it’s been a productive free agency for the Pats and there is still more to come with rumors still circulating around Tennessee WR, Kenny Britt, along with the Wilfork situation. The Patriots have yet to release the defensive tackle, but will they set him free or restructure his deal with his demands? There is a lot more to see here on the free agency front and we still have the NFL Draft coming up in May. With the Pats tightening up their secondary in the offseason, it will be interesting to see what positions they will be looking to improve with some new talent.

3. NBA Playoffs

Even though the Celtics won’t be even close to the action, the NBA playoffs always provide thrilling games. The playoff push is here for a lot of teams with less than a month in the regular season left so now would be a good time for basketball fans to turn there attention away from the tanking (or lack there of) and look out for some of the story lines brewing for the playoffs. The battle for the best of the East and West between the Pacers and the Heat and the Thunder and the Spurs is a good place to start.

2. Baseball is back

Is there anything more longed for than baseball in Boston after a long winter? The wait is almost over, Sox fans because your reigning champions will be shipping up to Boston in less than a week. Not only is it Opening Day, but it is also the ring ceremony for the Red Sox: as if the start of the baseball season could get any better. So get your peanuts and cracker jacks ready cause our band of bearded brothers is back in town, looking a bit more clean-shaven, and ready to head back down the road to October.

1. NHL Playoffs

There is nothing more compelling to me than playoff hockey. If you don’t already know this, hockey players put their heart into every single game. Literally: when Rich Peverly’s heart stopped during a game he asked if he could go back in after the doctors used a defibrillator on him. Now imagine when the seasons on the line the limits these players will go to win. It is white-knuckle, can’t turn away, heart-pounding action all game long. Our Bruins couldn’t have set this time up any better for us. Their 12-game win streak helped them clinch the first playoff berth in the league. Excuse me while I count down the days till April 16th.

We may still be dusting snow off our cars, but one thing Mother Nature can’t take away from us this spring is all of the sports events on tap in the upcoming weeks. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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