Congratulations, Lynn Police Deputy Chief Michael Mageary

We first had the pleasure of meeting Michael Mageary during his tenure as a youth baseball coach in Lynn. We admired his energetic leadership of his teams and how his players always performed to their potential and played the game with much enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The players were advancing their skills and acquiring knowledge of the game from their coaches and thoroughly enjoying their experience, especially Mr. Mageary’s son, Brendan, a talented multi-sport, competitive athlete.

We then came to know Michael Mageary in his position as a highly respected officer in the Lynn Police Department. We appreciated his distinguished service in the department and watched his progression through the department in positions of leadership.

And we were honored to be there Tuesday night for Michael Mageary’s oath of office ceremony and his promotion to the esteemed position of deputy chief of the Lynn Police Department.

As Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy remarked following the ceremony, judging by the large crowd who packed the office to capacity, there were many friends and colleagues who were happy and proud to see this outstanding Lynn resident receive this promotion.

Police officers protect us and provide safety for our community 24 hours a day. The Lynn Police Department, under the direction of Chief Kevin Coppinger, is working very hard in our community, creating partnerships with  residents and agencies, all in the name of making our neighborhoods and streets safe.

Michael Mageary has been a key part of this valorous, department-wide public safety effort for the past 28 years. We congratulate Michael on his new position as deputy chief and thank him and the Lynn Police Department for all they do to make this city a safe community each day.

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