City Begins Distribution of New Trash and Recycling Bins

The city of Lynn began distributing new trash and recycling bins to city residents this week in preparation for conversion to a new automated trash collection system beginning December 1. The bins are being distributed free to all residents.

According to city officials and representatives of the city’s trash hauler, Waste Management, the new bins are expected to encourage residents to recycle more and dispose of less. No longer will the city collect trash from mismatched trash and recycling containers.

Each residential property in the city will receive a new 96-gallon recycling bin and a 64-gallon trash bin over the next several weeks. The larger recycling bin will accept all recyclables in a single-stream recycling collection method, while the 64-gallon trash bins are capable of holding up to five 13-gallon trash bags.

The new collection method will use mechanical arms attached to the side of the trucks to pick up and empty the containers in the trucks, and different trucks will be used for recyclable collection and trash collection.

Residents who feel they need additional bins can rent them from Waste Management, at a cost of $132 per year.

Another change to the trash collection program is that bulk items, such as furniture and large trash too large to fit in the bins, will no longer be placed curbside for collection on trash day. Instead, residents can choose to pay Waste Management to pick them up for $20 or store the items until DPW Dumpster Days collections that will be organized and carried out by the city.

IN all the city expects to distribute some 54,000 bins to city residents, through the company First On Time distribution.

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