National Amusements Debuts its First Showcase MX4D Theatre

Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere announced the opening of the Showcase MX4D Theatre in its newly refurbished, 20-screen venue. The next generation “MX4D®” theatre will allow movie-goers to experience major motion pictures in an exciting new way, immersing patrons in the action on screen via an array of carefully programmed special effects.

Unique features of MX4D cinema technology include “pitch, roll and heave” motion seats, air and water blasts, leg ticklers, fog, scents, and other special effects that emanate from the patrons’ seats or from inside the theatre itself.  The nuanced effects are artfully designed to enhance the on-screen action and sound. Patrons may feel their seats move during a car chase; a small spray of water during a swimming scene; a balmy wind during a romantic interlude. All these effects work together to transport the patron more deeply into the motion picture. “The entertainment industry is one that is ever-evolving, and we are excited to be the first cinema theatre on the East Coast to feature MX4D® Motion EFX technology,” said Duncan Short, vice president, USA and international operations, National Amusements. “Our goal is always to provide the best possible movie-going experience, and this new in-theatre offering has the potential to revolutionize the cinema industry and provide a sought-after new option for our movie-goers.” The Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere MX4D theatre is only the second MX4D cinema theatre in the United States. MX4D is the branded 4D technology for California-based MediaMation, Inc., whose innovative theatres are already enjoying great success abroad, with installations in China, Japan, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United Arab Emirates.   Added MediaMation Vice President/CTO Dan Jamele, “We are proud our MX4D technology is really generating big, enthusiastic audiences in foreign markets.  With this Revere installation, we fully expect American movie-goers will be equally as enthralled with this exciting, immersive new feature film format that literally ‘moves’ you into the action.”

Showcase MX4D is showing “Fantastic Four,” and will continue to feature major film studio releases throughout the year.   To learn more about the Showcase MX4D Theatre at Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere, to purchase tickets for the upcoming Showcase MX4D films, or to view general movie show times and purchase tickets online, visit

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