Former Railroad Tracks Removed from City Streets

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Motorists rejoice.

Transportation contractor Keolis Commuter Services had work crews in the city this week working with Lynn Department of public Works staff to remove old, unused railroad tracks that had been crisscrossing West Lynn streets for generations.

Work crews were seen on Cottage Street on Monday, Spencer Street on Tuesday and on two sections of Street, near South Street on Wednesday and will be on Summer near Raddin Grove Avenue today (Thursday).

The old railway lines were part of an old freight rail that had been abandoned decades ago. Despite the fact that they were not in use for years, no effort was made to remove the tracks from city streets, until a section of track on Cottage Street became dislodged this past winter and became a threat to motorists. According to city officials, when Keolis sent crews out to remove the dislodged section over the winter, the city approached Keolis about how to remove the rest of the unused tracks crossing city streets, to avoid future emergency situations.

According to Public Works Director Andrew Hall, the tracks have presented a hazard for local motorists and snow plow operators for years, and their removal is certain to make drivers feel safer.

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