Newly Restored “Freezes” Back in Lynn Classical School

In 1811 a French artist was commissioned to create a public work of art to honor the triumphed Napoleon as he returned to France after his victories across Europe.  Sadly Napoleon lost at Waterloo and was banished from France and the art project that was destined for public viewing was shelved in storage.

The art to honor Napoleon was a set of plaques depicting the Triumphant entry of Alexander the Great into Babylon in 331 A.D.  They laid in shadow until he early 1900’s when the were displayed in a Paris museum where and american artist was allowed to make plaster cast of, called “Freezes.”

Those freezes were then displayed in the original Lynn Classical High School and stayed there till is demolition in the late 90’s.  Former Lynn Classical principle Nicholas Kostan saw the freezes as a piece of history and had them taken down and placed into storage in 1999.  They then went from one storage site to another till John Cushing, David Solimine, Pat Lee and Paul Strafford decided to restore them, and rebuild sections of them that had been lost to time.

The newly restored freezes were placed back in Lynn Classical this past Spring and dedicated to John Cushing who passed away two weeks after the projects completion.  The dedication and plaque unveiling was held this past Wednesday June 22nd.

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