Wednesday Commute Hits Slick Patch

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Lynn Police and Fire crews responded to more than 60 calls for traffic accidents Wednesday morning, January 8, due to “an onset of sudden black ice,” according to Lynn Police Lieutenant Rick Donnelly, who added that the early morning freeze was unanticipated and caught drivers by surprise.

“I think the black ice is actually worse than snow,” said Donnelly. “Drivers head out in the morning not realizing how bad it is going to be and the next thing you know people have trouble stopping.

Fortunately, Donnelly noted that nearly all of the 60 accidents, which started to be reported as early as 5:45 a.m. were “minor fender benders,” that did not result in injuries or major damage.

“It did back up all of the major roads and even some side streets,” he added, as drivers looked for shortcuts around snarled traffic that resulted from the accidents. “Most of the accidents were in the area of Pine Hill and the Highlands neighborhoods.”

Looking ahead from the morning freeze and afternoon thaw, Donnelly added that city’s Emergency Management Committee, consisting of the Police Chief, Commissioner of Public Works, Fire Chief and Mayor’s office was scheduled to meet Wednesday at noon, to devise a plan for dealing with the predicted snow storm that is predicted to hit Lynn today (Thursday, January 9).

“The Committee will meet at noon (Wednesday), to develop the response plan,” said Donnelly. “The plan will then be released through the city website, department websites and other public notification system.”

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