Lynn Police Investigating Possible Homicide

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Investigators from the Lynn Police and Essex County District Attorney’s office are investigating an apparent homicide this week, after a man’s body was found in the snow on Surfside Road Monday morning, and later determined that the man had suffered a single gunshot wound to the neck and upper torso area.

Police have not offered any details on their investigation, but have identified the apparent victim as 38-year old Carlos Aponte, who was found by a resident of Surfside Road as he operated a snow blower near where the body was found on Monday morning at approximately 5 a.m.

Police had been called to the area on a report of a disturbance at approximately 4 a.m., but had not found anything at that time. The Essex County Medical Examiner’s office did not report an estimated time of death, so it is not clear at this point if the 4 a.m. call is linked to Aponte’s death.

The death is being investigated as a possible homicide by the Essex State Police Detective Unit, the Lynn Police and other State Police units.

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