$97.1M Grant Awarded for Pickering and West Lynn Middle Schools

State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg, Chair of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (“MSBA”), and MSBA Executive Director John K. McCarthy announced that the MSBA Board of Directors voted to approve a grant of up to $97,100,607 million for a two school solution project for a new Pickering and West Lynn Middle Schools located in the City of Lynn. One of the next steps is for the District and the MSBA to enter into a Project Funding Agreement, which details the project’s scope and budget, along with the conditions under which the District will receive its MSBA grant.

“Upon completion, these projects will provide a 21st century learning environment for Middle School students in Lynn,” Treasurer Goldberg said. “Our goal is to create the best space to deliver the District’s educational commitments and goals.”

The proposed projects will address a number of deficiencies indicated by the District that include: overcrowding and space constraints, currently inhibiting the District’s ability to deliver its educational program. The District also identified current building envelope conditions contributing to poor energy efficiency performance; outdated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; non-compliant accessibility; and damage due to water infiltration. Upon completion, the two school solution will serve over 1,600 students in grades 6-8.

“Students in Lynn will benefit from this plan, which will enhance and improve their ability to excel in the classroom,” stated Executive Director McCarthy.

The MSBA partners with Massachusetts communities to support the design and construction of educationally appropriate, flexible, sustainable and cost-effective public school facilities. Since its 2004 inception, the Authority has made over 1,750 site visits to more than 250 school districts as part of its due diligence process and has made over $12.4 billion in reimbursements for school construction projects.

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