FirstLight Home Care Joins GLCC

The Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed FirstLight Home Care Services to the organization with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Located at 168 Humphrey Street, in Swampscott, FirstLight provides home care services to people who are sick or aging but want to stay in their homes.

Owners Molly and Steve Rowe left their jobs to launch FirstLight Home Care after they experienced first-hand the struggle of trying to care for an elderly loved one, and they approach the business from that experience.

“We know it’s not easy to let a stranger into the house every day and entrust them with a loved ones’ care,” says Rowe, “Because of that, we take the matchmaking part of our business very seriously and work to find great caregivers who not only have the skills to provide care but also have the personality and interests that match our clients.”

The biggest misconception says Rowe is that all home care businesses are the same.  “Many people have had bad experiences with caregivers who aren’t a good fit, don’t communicate well, or just don’t show up. We work very hard to dispel some of the myths and bad experiences people have had with home care. We are not perfect but we try our hardest to be.”

FirstLight Home Care markets their business mostly through word of mouth and has established a client base all over the North Shore from Winthrop to Rockport, Danvers, Middleton and Lynnfield.  They joined the Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce for the PR, marketing and networking opportunities they organization offers.

Rowe adds, “We’ve had the opportunity to work with many of our own friends’ families. I never met my mother-in-law because she passed away from cancer 20 years ago, but I got to work with her best friend who told me great stories of what kind of friend my mother-in-law was. We had another client who lost her entire family in the holocaust. After all she’s been through, she could still look around her room at a local assisted living community and say, ‘I am so lucky. I love my life.’ Every day, this job is a reminder to be thankful and to not take life so seriously.”

For more information about FirstLight Home Care call 781-691-5755, email Steve at [email protected]  and view their website

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