Lynn Council on Aging Independence Day Barbeque

Council on Aging Volunteers – Al Carpenter, Stacey Minchello Director of the Lynn Council on Aging, Chester Bowden, Rosa Paulino-Diaz GLSS Case Worker, and Maria Clark, GLSS Case Manager Worker.

It was a gathering enjoyed by all in attendance. The senior citizens of Lynn were treated to a delicious barbeque meal celebrating Independence Day. Many were dressed in the red, white, and blue honoring the birth of America along with many proud veterans who served their country. Paul Crowley, Executive Director of GLSS, welcome all to this annual event. GLSS staff members and volunteers served Lynn’s seniors their meals while the “Four Guys in Tuxes” played many favorite songs to the audience. One could not ask for a better day by having a warm sunny day for this barbeque. Everyone had lots of fun and appreciated this wonderful event sponsored by the Lynn Council on Aging at the Lynn Senior Center.


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