School Committee Votes to Add Ipswich to Education Consortium

By Jay Lancaster

The School Committee voted unanimously to add Ipswich as the 19th member of the Northshore Education Consortium at last Thursday’s meeting. The NEC uses the combined resources of its member school districts to enhance educational outcomes for students across the region, with a special focus on low-income and special needs students.

Superintendent Catherine Latham explained the necessity of the vote this way: “It’s in Beverly, there are 18 member districts and the superintendents of all the districts sit on the board and we meet regularly, so any changes in the bylaws, any changes in membership require an individual vote by the committees.” Ipswich is seeking to become a member so as to reduce the cost of their district taking part in the consortium, as costs are lower for member school districts than non-members districts.

Adding Ipswich to the consortium is not expected to increase or decrease the cost of membership to the Lynn School District.

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