Freshman Councilors Take to Social Media to Promote Community Participation

Since being sworn in on January 2, 2018, Ward 2 Councilor Rick Starbard has created contests for the residents of Ward 2 and offered gift cards to those selected as the winners of those contests. His colleague, Councilor-at-Large Brian Field saw the success and fun created in Starbard’s Ward 2 and created a similar contest citywide for students on their “No School Day”.

Starbard and Field, both new to the Council and their colleagues, have taken an active role of encouraging involvement by everyone in the community. “Today was a great day acknowledging these three students – Hannah and Madison Desilets and Thomas Nolan, Jr. – who helped shovel our fire hydrants in their neighborhoods”, said Brian Field.

This is a contest for all of the City of Lynn’s youth to participate and become recognized which is a great teachable lesson and a public safety initiative to learn, according to Field. The Ward 2 councilor added, “It’s a teaching moment for them, but it’s also a teaching moment for all of us. Something as simple as this makes a difference. Rick started the contests in his Ward and I built off of his success. I know in the coming months, when the snow finally melts, new contests encouraging participation will be announced. Today was certainly a great day to show off our appreciation to those that have already helped”.

The three students were awarded with City of Lynn Citations and Lynn Fire Department Certificates from Fire Chief Stephen Archer as well with a $25.00 Itune Gift Card from Councilor-at-Large Brian Field.

The winner of Starbard’s contest was Michelle Zayac, aunt of Hannah and Madison Desilets. “The most ironic thing about the Desilets family is that they live in former Lynn Fire Chief Joseph Scanlon’s house and he would have been so proud of the girls.”, said Brian Field.

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