City of Lynn Student Government Day

A unique approach to Student Government Day was offered by the City of Lynn. Student representatives from each Lynn high school learned about the functions of city government and participated in a mock City Council meeting and a mock School Committee meeting. Greetings came from Mayor Thomas McGee, Sen. Brendan Crighton, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Catherine Latham, and Counselor-at-Large Brian LaPierre who said, “Student Government Day in Lynn is always a wonderful event. It involves our community and involves all the high schools ‘students from all of our schools across the city. They are able to participate in real fashion to advance different civics and politics in the city. They learn rules in government with the hope that the experience and values instilled in them will inspire them to serve their community in Lynn either in an elective capacity or as a community advocate”.  When an issue is proposed on the floor inside the Council Chambers, the questions of concern are to ask what, where, and when on the issue. “What the City Council tries to do is to improve the quality of life and improve the standard of living of the people. The only way to proceed is through discussion because this is called a democracy” as Ward 4 Councilor Peter Capano said when he welcomed the students into the Chamber. School Committee member Lorraine Gately was very impressed with the students at the committee meeting as she stated, “The students at the meeting learned the procedural steps to serve as a committee member by discussing an issue and then voting on it.”  Student Government Day was a very enlightening program for the Lynn students as they learned how meetings are conducted and how important a vote determines a point of concern.

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