Lynn Firefighter Mike Dollard Honored at Retirement Party

Mike Dollard celebrated 41 years on the Lynn Fire Department with his family and friends at a retirement party on March 31 at Old Tyme Italian Cuisine.

Mike was born and raised in Lynn. He graduated from Lynn Tech. He was the son of the late Cecile Dollard. Mike was appointed to the Lynn Fire Department in April of 1977 and was assigned to Engine 4 at the Fayette Street Fire Station.

Engine 4 was deactivated and he went to Broadway Fire House, Tower/Ladder 4. In 1979, Mike was part of a team chosen to be with President Jimmy Carter when he visited Lynn.

During the Great Lynn Fire in 1981, Mike was positioned on the Vamp Building directly across from the fire making sure it did not ignite as well.

While off duty Mike came to the aid of a choking woman and he performed lifesaving procedures and saved her life. He was involved in the rescue of a woman at a fire who wanted to jump before the aerial ladder was in position to save her. He was recognized by the Chief and has received several commendations that are part of his record..

Mike is a great family man and friend. He was married on June 12, 1976 to Pattie Perron Dollard. They have two sons, Scott and Patrick. Patrick is married to Liz Kuhne Dollard and they have a son, Mike’s grandson, Samuel Jeffrey Dollard. Mike has a brother, Ray and a sister Barbara Sullivan. He is always there to help his family, whether it be help with cars, rides or moving he is there.

Lynn Fire Captain Ed Miles praised Mike Dollard for his 41 years of outstanding service in the department.

“We all love Mike Dollard,” said Miles at the retirement celebration. “He was a veteran when I came on, and I wound up being his captain in the end. He’s been through five ladder trucks and he knew everything about every piece. He knew every inch of every truck that he ever worked on. Forty-one years and he still cared about the job on the last day as much as he did on the first day. He’s a great example for all the guys. He comes in, does his work, does his job great. He’s a great guy and it’s nice to be here to honor him today and meet his family. They are definitely proud of Mike and they should be.”

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