Third Annual Explore NSCC: Access and Transition Fair

Ninety Lynn Public Schools students attended the third annual Explore North Shore Community College (NSCC): Access and Transition Fair for Entering Students on April 6. Juniors and seniors from Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, Lynn Classical High School, Lynn English High School, and the Fecteau-Leary School experienced a day as a NSCC student.

“They’ll get to really understand what it feels like to sit in a college classroom,” said Dr. Dianne Palter Gill, Dean of Corporate and Professional Education, who grew up attending Lynn Public Schools.

Students rotated between four classrooms to meet with instructors, and even received syllabi. They learned about criminal justice, and psychology, and discussed the First Year Experience elective, as well as health care programs.

“Every single one of them can come here. We are open access and have a fantastic financial department and scholarships,” explained Dr. Gill. “Nobody should ever feel like they cannot come to North Shore Community College. We will make sure that people can come through our doors.”

Students explored campus resources such as the library, tutoring, accessibility services, admissions and recruitment, student support, clubs, and financial services.

“I’m so proud. They’re so respectful and wonderful to have in the building,” said Dr. Gill. “We want them to feel like this is a place they’ll feel comfortable coming to.”

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