It Takes a Community to Combat Trash

Councilor Brian Field knows it’s going to take a lot of cooperation to get folks to start cleaning up in front of their homes and businesses.

Last week the City Council’s Lynn Trash/Litter Subcommittee met for continuing discussion on how to combat trash around the city. They are potentially going to have student representatives serve on the subcommittee and help spread the education.

“It’s a great way to kick off a collaborative relationship,” said School Committee member Jared Nicholson.

Field pointed out as he looked out the city hall windows, that the sidewalks are fairly clean but there is a lot of trash in the gutters and grates near the street. He said there’s a chance to use store surveillance cameras to help combat trash. There might even be some sort of rewards program for participating in catching people who are responsible for litter.

As a reminder to property owners, the city has been circulating rules and regulations regarding trash. In the city of Lynn the inspectional services department oversees litter, refuse and trash.

A friendly reminder that property owners and renters are responsible for reasonable maintenance of the sidewalk and curtilage in front of their property.

Sidewalks shall be maintained free from litter and debris to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians. Ordinary waste shall be stored in city-approved barrels/recycling bins. Waste shall be completely contained within covered barrels/bins to prevent rodent infiltration and to limit odors.

In regards to commercial trash collection:

Convenience stores & take out restaurants shall provide barrels within 10 feet of each entrance/exit, which shall covered to prevent accumulated waste from scattering in windy conditions and to prevent water infiltration during inclement weather.

Properties ineligible for curbside pickup shall provide for lawful collection and disposal no less than once per week.

Accumulated waste shall be fully contained within a covered dumpster while awaiting pickup.

As for the use of dumpsters, dumpster requirements are as follows:

  • Each dumpster located on private property shall be annually permitted by ISD.
  • Property owners shall maintain areas surrounding dumpsters clean and litter free.
  • Dumpsters shall be kept clean and free of offensive odors at all time.
  • Dumpsters drains shall remain plugged at all times, and shall be equipped with lids.
  • No dumpster shall be overfilled so that its lid may not be closed.

Enforcement and penalties for violating trash laws are as follows:

  • Each day a violation remains uncorrected shall constitute a separate, fineable offense.
  • Fines shall be progressive, up to a maximum of $300 per day.
  • Payment and/or appeals shall be made through the Parking Department, Lynn City Hall, Room 102.
  • Failure to correct violations may result in legal proceedings and/or imposition of a lien for cleanup.

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