Moulton Announces $4.3 Million Head Start Grant for Lynn Economic Opportunity, Inc.

Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA) announced that Lynn Economic Opportunity, (LEO) Inc. has been awarded a $4.34 million federal grant for its Head Start program.

 “All are created equal is our American creed. Equal opportunity is our nation’s promise. Yet, too often, your chances of success are dictated by your zip code and how much your parents make. It is on all of us to create opportunities where they don’t exist. Head Start does that, and I’m proud to announce these funds are coming to Lynn,” Rep. Seth Moulton said.

 Birgitta S. Damon, CEO of Lynn Economic Opportunity, Inc. said: “For 55 years, since the inception of the Head Start Program, LEO has consistently been recognized as the best home for this intensive early education and care program in Lynn. The importance of a Head Start community has never been more important, more evident than in the past two months, during the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 17th, LEO had to close its preschool and child care buildings and pivot to a remote service delivery model. Our staff excelled at this challenge, adapting to online classroom gatherings and story circles via YouTube, Zoom, and Dojo classroom. Case managers and health advocates ramped up their contact with families to several times per week. Our work has been more intense, more important than ever before. As we work towards reopening the early education and care sector in July, LEO anticipates offering a summer program for our rising kindergarteners to reinforce the structure of a school setting and sharpen their academic skills before the new school year begins in September.”

 Lynn Economic Opportunity, Inc. is one of the largest providers of early education and care in southern Essex County.

 Head Start marked its 55th year as the premier federal child care program earlier this month.  A study of the program by the Brookings Institution found that preschoolers who attended Head Start reaped benefits from the program far into adulthood. The researchers found Head Start increased the probability that the children who participate in it will graduate from high school, attend college and receive a post-secondary degree, license or certification. They found Head Start helps develop social skills that manifest themselves into adulthood including self-control, self-esteem and positive parenting practices. And, Brookings found that Head Start improved partnering skills for participating mothers who did not have high school degrees versus other types of preschool programs.

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