Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce Unveils New Website

The Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce unveiled its new website to its members and the Lynn community Tuesday.

“There has been a lot of positive reaction to it,”  GLCC Executive Director Colin Codner told the Lynn Journal.

Codner said the impetus for a new website was the organization’s desire from a strategic standpoint “to to be able to provide value to not only to our members but also to the members of our community.

“That’s an underlying theme of who we are: an organization enhancing the vitality of our region. “And one of the ways we felt that we could do this was providing a tool and a resource for the members of our community to engage with each other and find opportunities to individually socialize, network and come together and know what’s going on in the community.”

Codner said the Chamber website’s “Community Calendar” will provide an updated list of all activities in the area for families.

Codner worked on the development of the new website with Operations Manager Christine Neals, Membership and Events Coordinator Samantha McHugh, Executive Board members, and the Board of Directors. The Chamber’s Executive Board consists of Chair Joe Scianatico, Vice Chair Eddy Staco, Secretary Christine Pierce, Treasurer Peter Deiulis, and Officer-at-Large Peter Colarusso.

“This was an organizational initiative,” said Codner. “I’m proud of the fact that all of our organizational initiatives are based on collaboration.”

A new installation on the website is the addition of the Chamber’s two main social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram, on the GLCC home page. The website has also added a Spanish language translation button.

Codner said Chamber membership remains stable with approximately 400 members from Lynn and surrounding communities.

The Chamber’s Annual Golf Tournament will proceed as scheduled on Aug. 24 at Gannon Golf Course with a luncheon and awards ceremony following the tournament.

Codner grew up in central Connecticut where as a youth he delivered newspapers, including the Hartford Courant, the state’s largest newspaper and one of the oldest publications in the country with its first issue dating back to 1764.

“We used to have the Courant on our dining room table every morning,” said Codner. “I read it ever day.”

Codner graduated with a degree in Financial Management from Western Connecticut State University and received his MBA from Suffolk University.

Codner is completing his second year as executive director. With the coronavirus limiting large social gatherings, which are the GLCC’s forte, it’s been a very challenging year.

“I feel like Chaim Bloom,” said Codner, drawing a comparison to the Red Sox chief baseball officer.

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