40 Years Together, 31 Years Married Roderick and Sheila Valrie, a Special Lynn Couple

Special to the Journal

When it all began after talking to our dad he attended a talent show at the Washington Elementary  School (Lynn) he never thought he would see a beautiful young girl that he would be so attracted to at such a young age, that girl was our mom Sheila Wilson who performed in that talent  show that night dancing to which way is up by Stargard  he left the show wondering if he would ever see her again, determine to find out who she was or who she was related to, he then for the second time saw her at Warren street playground working for the summer program where he was unable to talk to her. One evening after playing basketball our dad walked home with uncle Terry who at the time he had no idea he was our moms brother, that’s when he saw her for the third time he asked Terry who was she he replied just my sister, dad saying to himself “she is going to be my wife”, dad was all smiles after that.  Shortly after they started dating September 13, 1980 our mom attending Breed Jr High school where she was a solid gold dancer and dad attending Cobbett Jr High school where he played on the basketball team, they continued to date while attending Lynn Classical High school where mom was a cheerleader and dad was on the football and basketball teams mom class of 1985 dad class of 1983.  May 1985 they welcomed there son first born  Roderick Jr.  the love of their life ,  after graduating high school our mom worked two jobs General Electric Cleaning Company and city of Lynn Convalescent Nursing Home for over 17 years,  while dad attended Framingham State College where he played basketball they then became soulmates and lovers moving into their first apartment together. July 1989 while surrounded by over 300 guest they exchanged vows and became husband and wife,  Jan 1997 they welcomed the second love of their life their beautiful daughter Shaleah they resided there until they purchased their first home together. Roderick Jr a graduate of Lynn Classical High and Curry College with a Bachelors degree in Communications, daughter Shaleah  a graduate of Lynn Classical High and North Shore Community College with a Associates degree in Medical Administrative,  mom loves the lord, singing , throwing parties and decorating halls, counseling young ladies whenever they call also bingo, and taking family bus trips family is everything. Dad loves the lord and all sports, cooking, sneakers, cookouts, counseling men whenever needed, attending family reunions and family is everything. Mom and dad have continued their love for each other  for over   40 years to demonstrate the strength and special bond in their  relationship and hold it all together with the Love, Faith,  Respect, Trust, Understanding, Friendship, and keeping others out of there Business, along with strong family Values has served as an Inspiration to Everyone around them . Mom and Dad always say, you have one life to live make the most of it, Team Work Makes the Dream Work, and yes There Dream has Come True.

To our incredible Parents who kept us Grounded we thank and love you so much, you are our Role Models We have Learned From the Best as you always say to us, We are so proud of you.                              

Happy 40 years together.

September 13, 1980                                                                                    

Love Your Children Roderick Jr & Shaleah Valrie

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