His Service Continues

With a storied career in public service, Paul Crowley is moving on to his next chapter by providing financial and management services to small businesses and for individuals approaching retirement.

Paul Crowley has opened a new office in the Clock Tower Business Center at 330 Lynnway.

Paul Crowley, former Lynn city councillor and chief executive office for GLSS, is pictured in his new office at 330 Lynnway.

The former Lynn city councillor and chief executive officer of Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS), Crowley has jumped right in by helping 35 businesses secure loans in the Paycheck Protection Program [established by the CARES Act].

“Those businesses received about $3 million and put 300 people back to work,” said Crowley. “As a result of this work, my clients have looked to me to provide further help in other areas.”

Three Terms on the City Council

A 1977 graduate of Lynn Tech, and 1987 graduate of Northeastern University’s business program, Crowley served three terms on the Lynn City Council from 2005 to 2011.

Prior to his first election, he had become a board member on the Lynn Council on Aging, having been appointed by then-Mayor Patrick McManus. He became very active in the Lynn Chamber of Commerce and the Lynn Lions Club.

“Around the year 2000, I just started helping everywhere I could and I was enjoying it,” said Crowley, whose family owned the Lynnway Bowling Center at that time. “I also realized how important it was to give back to the community.”

In 2005, he was elected as a councillor-at-large in his first bid for public office. “I finished second as a dark-horse candidate,” he recalled. “Tim Phelan topped the ticket.”

Crowley said he has no current plans to run for public office.

“It’s in my blood but as it stands right now, I feel like I’ve given my service in government,” said Crowley. For the past 20 years, I have been a passionate advocate for the City of Lynn through my work on the council, in non-profit organizations and other endeavors.”  In recognition of his public service and contributions to the community, he received the Lynn Journal ‘Man of the Year” Award in 2007.

He is currently a board member of the Lynn Shelter Association and a member of the board at the Riverworks Credit Union.

His Years at GLSS

Crowley became the chief executive officer for GLSS in 2009, serving for 10 years. In that role, he also oversaw the MBTA’s “The Ride” public transportation program for seniors on the North Shore.

“The Ride is a good service and a needed service,” said Crowley. “At our peak, we were doing 2,500-3,000 rides per day.”

He is proud of his achievements at GLSS.

“I worked with some extraordinary people at GLSS and it is an outstanding organization,” said Crowley. “I was blessed to be a part of that and I’m very proud of the accomplishments we had there.

“We set the standard for elder care during the ten years I worked there,” said Crowley. “People were looking to us for guidance across the state. We were a $75 million agency when I left. When I took over, it was a $50 million agency, so we grew by 50 percent. We were the largest non-profit doing elder care in the state.”

Crowley praised GLSS Chief Executive Officer Kathryn Burns.

“Kathy Burns, the new CEO, is an extraordinary talent and has a warm sport in her heart for the elderly ,” said Crowley. “She has been taking care of seniors for many years. She is a natural fit for that position and I think GLSS will be on good hands for many years to come.”

Paul Crowley and his wife, Kathy, a native of Augusta, Maine, have been married for 33 years. They have a daughter, Emmy, 24. Kathy is the owner of Payroll Express Services, a full-service payroll and financial company in Lynn.

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